Ruth Edwards MP Volunteers with Sewa Day Nottingham

Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards has praised local charity Sewa Day Nottingham that operates nationally, which is supplying food and essentials to other organisations who support the most vulnerable people during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day when people around the world celebrate our natural environment and demonstrate their support for protecting it. It’s a day on which we can take pride in our achievements at the global, national, and regional level, while also recognising that there is much more to do.

Ruth Edwards MP Praises Nottingham Police's Covid-19 Response

Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards has praised Nottinghamshire Police for their approach to enforcing the current coronavirus lockdown in a friendly and proportionate way.   Ruth, who is a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, recently took part in an enquiry into the national policing response to