J9 - Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse

I want to make sure all survivors of domestic abuse have a safe place to access life-saving resources in Rushcliffe.

Together with local campaigner, Nicky Brindley MBE, I have been setting up a network of J9 Safe Spaces in public places like pubs, parish councils, and shops where survivors can be signposted to professional help services. 

As of January 2024, we have at least one J9 safe space in every major population centre in Rushcliffe and have nearly reached 50% of all Rushcliffe villages and towns having at least one safe space in their community.

The J9 initiative was set up in memory of Janine Mundy (AKA J9), a mother of 2, who was killed by her estranged husband. The J9 initiative aims to provide training to staff in the public and voluntary sectors to increase understanding and awareness surrounding the complex issue of domestic abuse.

The training aims to ensure that learners are equipped to respond appropriately and effectively to survivors of abuse and more survivors are able to access support. 

This training is open to anyone, whether you volunteer at a charity shop, work in a pub, or regularly interact with the public.

Once staff have been J9 trained, the J9 logo is displayed on the organisation's premises, letting survivors know that they have a safe place to access information and use a telephone to contact support services. 

We have now delivered in-person sessions in all major population centres in Rushcliffe and more rural areas. Our next session will be announced here shortly.