Afghan Sikh and Hindu Refugees

Please note: You can find the latest information on seeking protection or asylum on the Government website.

Thank you for contacting me about asylum for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.

I am deeply concerned by terror attacks and I strongly condemn the targeting of innocent people based on their beliefs.

Security remains an ongoing challenge in Afghanistan, but, as part of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission, the UK supports the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces in their efforts to tackle this threat and improve security for all communities. I welcome that the UK regularly raises human rights issues with the Government of Afghanistan, including the need to protect the rights of all ethnic and religious groups in line with its constitution. I am sure that ministers will continue to do so.

The UK has a proud record of offering sanctuary to those who need it. Each individual assessment of an asylum claim is made against the background of the latest available country of origin information, based on evidence taken from a range of reliable sources, and any relevant case law.

However, the UK considers each claim for asylum on its individual merits. Where individuals are found to be at risk of persecution or serious harm on return to their country, protection of course is given.

I know that country of origin guidance is kept under constant review and updated periodically, so I will monitor any developments closely.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.