Coalition for Global Prosperity Webinar 04.06.2020

Yesterday I took part in a Coalition for Global Prosperity webinar on the importance of protecting biodiversity both around the world and here in the UK.

I made the case that the UK’s presidency of the G7 and COP26, as well as the Government’s international efforts through the Department for International Development, position us as a leader in pursuing global environmental goals.

Domestically, we are making great strides towards a low carbon society through upcoming Environment Bill, halting and reversing destruction of wildlife habitat. I am a member of the Environment Bill Committee and I’m pleased to see sustainable changes being implemented in upcoming legislation.

It was informative to hear about the latest trends in worldwide conservation from the panel of experts and I look forward continuing to promote a green global recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.

You can see the latest updates from the Coalition for Global Prosperity on their website.