Gender Recognition Act

Thank you for getting in touch regarding transgender equality. I appreciate how emotive this issue is for many people and how strongly you feel.

The Government has been clear; we must achieve equality across all aspects of our society, including for the LGBT community and transgender people. I absolutely support this aim.

For many years, the UK has led the way internationally and has a strong record of advocating for LGBT rights and human rights. It is vital that we continue to make the case around the globe to ensure that LGBT people, wherever they live, are safe to go about their lives without fear of crime or harassment.

There is no doubt that more must be done to help transgender people with the unique and often difficult challenges they face. We must offer them support and ensure they do not feel marginalised.

I have spoken to ministerial colleagues who tell me that the Government Equalities Office will publish the response to the Gender Recognition Act consultation this summer. I do not wish to pre-empt the consultation response but I look forward to the publication with interest.

Once we know the detail of the report, it will be possible for me to comment on the proposals.   In the meantime, I will certainly pass your concerns on to ministerial colleagues and the Government Equalities Office so they are aware of your worries.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. I hope this is of some help.